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Ages 8-19 yrs.

The California Buffalo Soldiers Association is a non-profit 501(C)3 We conduct year round in school and after school Activities. We focus on keeping youth actively engaged in Education, self empowerment, collaborative learning and team building through various activities.

Workshops include:  Building Social and Leadership skills  Emergency Preparedness  Educational Endeavors  Multimedia Projects  Entrepreneur Programs  Community Service Learning Projects  Projects that connect to the Real World….. Our experiential approach incorporates elements of business, history, geography, math, science and social studies in providing a hands-on learning experience for students. 

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Youth contributions will support positive youth development programs through mentoring, adventure based learning, and service learning projects with an emphasis on culture and reconnecting with history.

The California Buffalo Soldiers Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by the generosity of indi- vidual and organizational donors, including Corporations and Foundations. Contributions made are tax deductible. We thank you for your support!

California Buffalo Soldiers

The California Buffalo Soldiers Association is a non-profit organization. We conduct year round untold history lessons in schools throughout the state. We focus on keeping the youth actively engaged in education, self empowerment, collaborative learning and team building through various actvities.

  • 1903 - San Francisco - 9th Cav serving as Honor Guard for President Roosevelt  pictured here.

Yosemite National Forest, 2014

Charles Young (March 12, 1864 – January 8, 1922) was the third African-American graduate of West Point, the first black U.S. national park superintendent, first black military attaché, first black to achieve the rank of colonel, and highest-ranking black officer in the Regular Army until his death in 1922.

​Young graduated in 1889 with his commission as a second lieutenant, the third black man to do so at the time (and the last one until Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. in 1936). He was first assigned to the Tenth U.S. Cavalry Regiment. Through a reassignment, he served first with the Ninth U.S. Cavalry Regiment, starting in Nebraska. His subsequent service of 28 years was chiefly with black troops—the Ninth U.S. Cavalry and the Tenth U.S. Cavalry, black troops nicknamed the "Buffalo Soldiers" since the Indian Wars. The armed services were racially segregated until 1948, when President Harry S. Truman initiated integration by executive order, which took some years to complete.

As we are quickly approaching the 150​th​ anniversary of the Buffalo Soldiers, the dedication, launching and completion of this project we feel will have a lasting effect and perhaps ignite a long overdue celebration and acknowledgement of our true African American history.

 It would be an honor to retrace the actual Buffalo Soldier’s trail in recognition of the monumental accomplishments achieved by Colonel Charles Young, the Buffalo Soldiers and accompaniments.